Jeff Li
Founder, President & CEOInter-Credit Group
Mr. Jeff Li is the Founder, President and CEO of the Inter-Credit Group (ICG) which is headquartered in the coastal town of Quingdao, China. The group has 25 subsidiaries dispersed over some of China's major cities. ICG provides debt collection services to most of China's Banks and Insurance companies as well as company credit reports and commercial Debt Collection services to Multi-National Companies. ICG joined TCM Group in 2009 and became a shareholder in 2010. Mr. Li is a member of FCIB, an association of executives of Finance, Credit and International Business as well as a member of the "Committee of the First China International Forum of Commercial Debt Collection". Mr. Li was elected to join the board of directors of TCM group at the annual AGM meeting, in Bejing, in 2013.

Mr. Li received his Bachelor degree in British and American Literature in 1995 at China Ocean University in Quingdao.