Gary Liu
PresidentChina Financial Reform Institute
Dr. Liu is a leading economist in China known for his focus on China's economic reform. In 2014, he was invited to a policy-consultation meeting chaired by the Chinese Premier LI Keqiang. He is one of the founders of CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of International Finance (CLIIF) and served as Executive Deputy Director (assisting Director WU Xiaoling), and also one of the founders of the Lujiazui Forum.

His published the book The Next Decade of China in 2013. He is a Member of the Global Agenda Council of World Economic Forum (2012-2014), a Columnist for, and He was elected the Person of Year 2012 by Bloomberg BusinessWeek China, 2013 Chinese Young Economist by the Beijing News, and Person of Year 2016 of New Finance by Hurun Report.

Dr. Liu’s microblog has 1.23 million+ followers. He is now also the Executive Director of Shanghai Institute of Digitalization and Internet Finance, Board Director of Shanghai Financial Consumption Dispute Resolution Center.