Ning Tang
Founder & CEOCreditEase
In 2006, recognizing the contribution that the 60 million small and micro enterprises make to the Chinese economy, and inspired by the fledgling microfinance sectors in other developing economies, Mr. Ning Tang established CreditEase. The philosophy behind the business was and remains today that everyone deserves access to credit, and that credit can generate value for all sectors of the community. This guiding philosophy has under-pinned the growth of the business from a single product business in 2006, to today's diversified financial services business, and the core of the business remains focused on those sectors of the community who find it difficult to access the formal (bank) credit sectors. Mr. Ning Tang was educated at the School of Mathematical Sciences at Peking University, and continued his education in the field of Economics in the U.S. He began his career at DLJ Investment Bank on Wall Street, where he worked in a range of debt and equity capital markets roles, working on IPOs, bond issues and mergers for companies in the fields of finance, telecom, media and technology. He returned to Beijing and joined AsiaInfo in 2000.