John Chen
Managing DirectorFICO China
Mr. Chen Jian now serves as president of FICO China, responsible for the comprehensive operation of the said company in Chinese market. In the past, Mr. Chen took up several posts in FICO worldwide, including technical solution director of FICO Asia-Pacific, vice-president of FICO China and other senior executive posts. Mr. Chen Jian boasts a very strong technical background. He once served as senior manager of Strategic Technology Department of FICO USA, providing numerous world-class banks with strategic solutions on decision-making optimization, covering such sectors as database marketing, credit approval, limit management, collection and anti-fraud. In addition, he once served as modeling engineer and manager, developing credit scoring and many other prediction models for credit risk management on behalf of global customers. Mr. Chen Jian has published two professional works — Credit Scoring Model and Modern Credit Card Management. He graduated from Peking University as the holder of a bachelor degree majoring in International Economy. Later, he went to University of Washington USA for advanced studies, and acquired a master degree of economics. In addition, Mr. Chen holds the certificate of CFA Certified Financial Analyzer.