Gregory Gibb
Gregory D. Gibb, is the CEO of Shanghai Lujiazui International Financial Asset Exchange Co., Ltd. (Lufax). He worked previously as a director at McKinsey & Company in Greater China, and as the COO of Taishin Financial Holding in Taiwan. Mr. Gibbs has over 25 years of experience in domestic and cross-border financial services, and graduated from Middlebury College with a B.A in East Asian Studies.

Widely-recognized for his unique insights on innovative financial services, Mr. Gibb was introduced to the “National 1000-Foreign-Expert Plan” by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee in 2012. Mr. Gibbs was also awarded the “Shanghai Top 10 Financial Innovation Figures of 2012”, as well as honored in the “China Top 10 Leaders of Internet Finance of 2013.”

Mr. Gibb is also the author of “Banking in Asia - The End of Entitlement” (Wiley, 1999) and of “Banking in Asia - Acquiring a Profit Mindset” (Wiley, 2003). Both books have introduced bankers to new development opportunities, and trump cards in Asia.