Soul Htite
Founder &
Soul Htite is the Founder and CEO of Dianrong, an online lending platform based in Shanghai, China where members can borrow and lend money among themselves at better interest rates. In 2012, Soul started Dianrong on the basis of advanced technology and his expertise. He had a dream of providing a fast, real-time online platform to the Chinese market, with lower loan cost and higher investment return. Prior to founding Dianrong he co-founded Lending Club, the world's largest and most advanced Peer-2-Peer company, where he served as the Head of Technology until 2011. He led all online platform design and development efforts, ensuring that these capabilities were both state-of-the-art and fully secure. The P2P platform received the prestigious Technology Pioneer award at the 2011 World Economic Forum. In February, 2014 Lending Club successfully debuted on Wall Street, becoming its first P2P listed company, and its valuation reached over 8.5 billion USD. Prior to this, Soul spent most of his career building enterprise software at Oracle. His focus was real-time online services and system design for high availability and fault tolerance.