Ken Lin
CEO & FounderCredit Karma
In the seven years since founding consumer finance platform Credit Karma in 2007, CEO Ken Lin has guided the company from its former home in a small office above a bar in San Francisco to its current standing as a major disruptor of the consumer finance industry in America, with 35 million members and over 250 employees. Credit Karma dedicates itself to re-engineering consumer finance and helping consumers have a better future by simplifying decision-making and management of personal credit and finances. Ken first saw the importance of the credit score while working in the credit card industry. He drew inspiration for Credit Karma’s pro-consumer business model from two former employers, Upromise, which combined a successful business model with true social good, and Eloan, which was the first company to give away free credit scores.

Ken also founded Multilytics Marketing in 2006 and has a B.A. in mathematics and economics from Boston University.