Robert Stafler
CEO & Co-FounderFintex Capital
Rob Stafler is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fintex Capital (, an institutional investment firm focused on marketplace lending. Fintex was successfully launched in 2016, when Fintex Capital issued its first Euro-denominated Bonds backed by marketplace loans, to large institutional investors. Today, Fintex manages several portfolios of marketplace loans worth several tens of millions. Fintex' initial focus is on platforms in UK and Continental Europe. Rob is a sector veteran in marketplace lending. His sector involvement began in 2007, when he invested in a German start-up called auxmoney and became part of its strategy team. At the time, auxmoney had 3 founders, 2 spreadsheets and 1 big idea. Following his degree in German Law, Robert worked for 9 years at JPMorgan in Investment Banking where his focus was M&A and Capital Markets. He then co-founded Excellion Capital, a successful London-based merchant banking boutique combining advisory with principal investments. Excellion Capital has also invested in auxmoney and other marketplace lending opportunities since 2007.